HIV: USA Documentary Project 

Some of you may know that I've been producing HIV: USA, a short documentary series that I plan on taking to every state.  At this writing, 5 state stories have been completed.  HIV: USA is a cost effective prevention and educational project that has been used by state departments of health, non-profit and community based organizations to encourage testing and to empower the participants. HIV: USA has been featured in HIV Plus, A&U and recently in Indiewire: 

To date, all of the HIV: USA projects have received worldwide distribution through SnagFilms. If you are interested in learning more about bringing the HIV: USA project to your state visit: for more information and to watch the films.  Sponsors receive 90 copies on DVD and costs cover travel, lodging, filming, editing, a cathartic creative writing workshop, participant journals and other incentives. 

Music Booking 

Are you only making movies now or do you still play music?

Yeah buddy!  I still pick!  If you're interested in having me play here's the 7 steps of Wilder enlightenment - aka what you need to do!

1) Message me info on who the contact person is at your school, usually someone at the student center/entertainment committee. If you're in a frat or sorority and looking for some nice music. Than I'm your man!

(2.) PRICE: Jason Wilder Evans will play a solo show - contact for pricing. Jason will work with in your budget and offers schools co-op buying.

(3.) LENGTH OF SET : Jason will play one (1) 60-80 min minute set.

(4.) STAGE - Nothing fancy here, usually standing if front of everyone, or in the middle of everyone or if your to busy to watch and only want to listen, well then put me in behind everyone.

(5.) SOUND and LIGHTS- (This ain't Woodstock !!! )

(6.) TRAVEL (most shows include travel in pricing - contact for details )

(7.) HOSPITALITY - small dinner,- A SIX PACK (H2O) and maybe a pack of trail mix for the road.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest.

EveryStreet NYC 

On this day, (01-18-2012) and nearly 3.5 years in the making, my wife and I became the first couple to walk EVERY STREET in Manhattan!  We began this journey on weekend excursions while living in Washington Heights.  It was a wonderful thing to do as a couple and I wouldn't have wanted to have done it with anyone else. We got amazing photos and video of our walk and once even began to blog about it.  

I'm am positive that we got to see more of Manhattan than the New Yorkers who live there.  Explore the world, it's yours for the taking!

Released to Life 

Released to Life is a film that I worked on while attending the MFA Documentary Film program at George Washington University was recently conferred "The Best of Washington" by the DC Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, DC Mayor Vincent Grey and SnagFilms founder Ted Leonsis.  I event got to speak with the Mayor.  That sure don't happen every day!

You can watch the film by visiting:

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